Custom-Munnys for #friedensstifter Available To Purchase Now!

TOYSREVIL concludes our coverage of friedensstifter with images band product info of the customs last seen on display at Museum-Aschersleben (Jan 17) - where folks could purchase said customs, with proceeds going into helping "raise funds for a school project to engage with migrants in Aschersleben", added organizer Manuel Heischel AKA cikcuk (blogged).

Above-left: Van Hoa Nguyen (Vang), Time for Change, 2016 200€
Above-right: Ange Hounde‘ton, Zangbeto, 2015 500€

Above-left: Manuel Heischel (cikcuk), five elements, 2014 325€
Above-right: Manuel Heischel (cikcuk), five elements, 2014 325€

Above-left: Manuel Heischel (cikcuk) with 6. grade students,
frieden und liebe, 2016 580€
Above-right: Fabian Hübner, no title, 2016 price by request

Above-left: Sarah Lena Dorn, Amanti Inuit, 2016 250€
Above-right: Manuel Heischel (cikcuk), 2016 850€ (Close-up)

Above-left: Laura Lore'n, Salam, 2016 450€
Above-right: David Stegmann (dust), Peacemaker ?!, 2016 580€

Folks interested are to enquire direct via email to "", and as well Manuel will open an album on his Facebook (over the weekend) dedicated to this endeavor.

All Munnys were supported by Ralph Schwamborn; the owner of Think Pink Celle.

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