"Gotta catch 'em All" by loredanzo - Indonesian Art Toy Fanart FTW!

"Gotta catch 'em All" is the name of this fanart by Indonesia-based designer Lorenzo Matthew Lengkong (Instagram @loredanzo /, featuring his depiction of Indonesia Art Toys by indie toy makers! TOYSREVIL has had the honor of featuring their characters and works on this blog (do click on tagged links below), and as well own some of the pieces too!

I am also grateful I have met all the gentlemen featured here (but for one chap - one day we'll shake hands, Peter lol) through the course of my ten years blogging on TOYSREVIL! Swell work, Lorenzo!

Solid Boy by Johanes Djauhari (
Little Bunny Family (Instagram
Bombeh by Alympu (Instagram @alympu)
D.T.K. by Davidthekiller (Instagram @davidthekiller)
Owange-Bot by Andri Widjaja (Instagram @kongandri)
Nobody by thegoodhabit (Instagram @thegoodhabit)
Lemi The Space Wanderer by Eric Wirjanata (Instagram @thespacewanderer_)
Nimbus by Paulus Hyu (Instagram @paulushyu)
Gacha by Indra Gunaawan (Instagram @toykultur)
Chubby Monster by Peter Chung (Instagram @peterccung)
Boron by Kendy Tan (Instagram @
Kungpow by Bowo Baghaskara (Instagram @bowobaghaskara)

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