Jeff Soto's NekoFukurou “LA” Edition by BlackBook Toy Drops Jan 17th

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BlackBook Toy shares with us snasp and product info for their next release: Jeff Soto's NekoFukurou “LA” Edition - dropping online starting midnight of Jan 17th (Tokyo) / Jan 16th 7am (LA) / 10am(NY) / 3pm (UK) / 10pm (Thailand). Sized 14.5cm x 12cm and priced at 8100yen, this was what the CEO/DirectorBBT; Kazuhiro Takahashi had to share about this item;
"Painted in metallic blue and metallic orange on clear casted body. Blue represents blue sky of daytime and orange represents the sky at sunset in LA. This NekoFukurou is stackable like totem pole. Standing 6” each, so when you stack 2pcs, it’s huge!! MADE IN JAPAN, undeniable quality sofubi. Sculpted by T9G. Hand painted by Japanese craftsman with love."

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

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