Rise of the Beasts - Series 2 Kickstarter Launched

Jon Karis sends word of a new Kickstarter launched for "Rise of the Beasts - Series 2" - featuring 4 new characters and a weapons pack, that needs your support to be made, with a Pledge Goal of US$16.5k by March 1st, 2016.
"Series 1, released in November of 2014, saw two sculpts: our Rhino and Scorpion characters … For Series 2, rather than just release 2 more figures, we decided that we would go for 4 new characters and a full weapons pack! The original Lion and Gorilla characters, a modified version of the original Horned Lizard character and an all new, wickedly cool, Ant character! As was the case with Series 1, they will be available in different colors, unpainted and painted." (Read more here on Kickstarter)

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