Teaser for ‪#‎HorrorMovieHeritage‬ from Threezero

Currently known for their exquisite production of mecha-related toys and weathered action figures (as are their work with/for ThreeA Toys), Hong Kong's Threezero next teases a new genre they are diving into; "HORROR! With ‪#‎HorrorMovieHeritage‬, will we see a look at classic pop culture "horror" characters? Or a "re-design" of classic horror movie icons?

Teased in the image include "Pinhead" from "Hellraiser" … is that the "Necronomicon / Book Of The Dead"? … and is that Frankenstein's Monster's head? The closest they've come thus far is with the Michonne's Pet Zombies from The Walking Dead, and they be rocking! So I have toy-trust in their abilities here, IMHO :)

Stay tuned for further development, folks!

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