ThreeA Toys' 3AA 2016 Membership On Sale January 15th

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3AA 2016 ("3A Associates") Membership from ThreeA Toys goes on sale January 15th @, with "Von Nom" as the "carrot" at the end of the stick to tantalize you into joining this year long association, whereby you'll have access to exclusive 3AA-Edition toys, 15% discount (I think it still is? I haven't had membership for a coupla years now), and perhaps other goodies that have yet to be officially announced (stay tuned to Twitter @worldof3a for updates). Von Nom will be in 1/6th-scale and the 3AA is priced at US$180 (Based on comments in the IG embedded above).
"N.O.M is a secret organization built around the trinity of mind, body and spirit. N.O.M. has lived in the shadow for nearly 200 years, secretly influencing the world through politic and death.

During the Earth/Mars War they became more visible and have initiated their path to guiding earth into a new Golden Age!"
(Text in ad image, transcribed by "Samuel Sml")

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