TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.3 - TREESON & REN by Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House

"Re-invention" … "Re-boot" … whatever buzzword you need to tag to their current existence, it does not deny the continued development and existence of the characters in the toy world, and Bubi Au Yeung's TREESON and REN ranks No.3 on TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015 with their newest incarnation with new producers, Fluffy House - who have gone beyond their own in-house characters in production other artists' creations! Is this a sign of new things to come?

Ranking Treeson #1 in my 2006 list, the memory of this spiky character has remained intensely vivid in my entire 10 years of bloggery on this blog since, and nothing hits me good like a splendid whiff of nostalgia! And I welcome Treeson (and Ren) back into the fold :)

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I am also basing my decision on the "Fluffy House Special Edition" Box Set I procured (regretting not getting the regular version at the same time when I could still afford toys online ggrrrr) - thanks to Treeson's NEW form, and Ren's disco-party-gold-shorts! And I meant that in a good way LOL

Cheers and have a splendid toy-ful weekend!

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