WIN A Free TOYSREVIL-Edition Baby Wananeko from Javier Jimenez On Instagram! (Contest Ends Jan 22nd)

Here's your chance to win a FREE BABY WANANEKO on INSTAGRAM! This #TOYSREVIL10th Anniversary Edition hand-painted cutie by Javier Jiménez can be YOURS, and all you need to do to join this contest is:

STEP#1: FOLLOW @javierjimenezxl AND @toysrevil on Instagram!

STEP#2: REPOST the above pic on your Instagram-stream!

STEP#3: Add hashtag "#TOYSREVILWANANEKO"to the image you post!

STEP#4: You Can Share It Once A Day!

Giveaway Ends Friday 22nd, 2016- whereby a sole winner will be randomly picked, and announced!

Meanwhile, both the TOYSREVIL-Edition WANANEKO & BABY WANANEKO (What-Is) can be pre-ordered online HERE! Pre-Orders End Jan 22nd, 2016 (We've pushed the date to allow for more pre-order slots!)

Good Luck! And Thank You for the support, folks!
AND remember that hashtag, yeah? Otherwise we can't track you down! :)

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