Banksy's "Monkey Sign" by Medicom Toy for #SYNC

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Something turned up real interesting on my Twitter feed, fro Medicom Toy, soliciting their new figure named "MONKEY SIGN", under their "Brandelism" line for "SYNC" - showcasing iconic imagery from UK artist Banksy made as collectibles! (Remember Love Rat and Flower Bomber?)

The last we saw this monkey-wearing-signboard as a collectible figure was the vinyl "Laugh Now" from Apologies To Banksy (I turned mine into a monkey mummy… :p).

But this Medicom-version is much … hairier … :) … would be nice if the text on both sides of the signboard were different tho, IMHO...

Scheduled for a July 2016 release, is the priced ¥45,000 (approx US$403) x 36cm tall figure (mold) by PERFECT-STUDIO, available to purchase on, and (for overseas orders).

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