DC Comics' Wonder Woman Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix

"Whatever you call her – Diana of Themyscira, Amazonian Princess or Wonder Woman – she is a feminist icon with superhuman strength, superior intelligence and remarkable grace. Our Wonder Woman Q-Fig Figure springs into action with her trademark tiara, bulletproof bracelets and Golden Lasso of Truth, while holding a play-sized version of her stealth invisible jet. Includes a whiteboard speech bubble and marker for writing your own phrases or sound effects.

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Produced by Quantum Mechanix Inc., and designed by Mohammad (Hawk) Haque, the "Wonder Woman Q-Fig" PVC pre-painted figure stands 3.37 inches tall, and is currently available online here for US$14.95. Other Q-Pops include Superman, Batmn and Deadpool (currently the Featured Loot Crate Item…).

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