Early Look at Tim Biskup's "Prenute" by Gravy Toys

The sculpt you see here today is named "Prenute" (pronounced "PREH- NOOT"), and it is designed by Tim Biskup, to be produced by Bwana Spoons' Gravy Toys. Bwana Spoons explains (in his latest "Good Gravy" emailer);
"This sexy little vinyl to be will have two firsts. Prenute will be Gravy Toys very first non-bwana toy. Meaning it's not a collab. This vinyl piece is wholly created by Tim Biskup. This is also his first toy, in.... 7 years? What do you think?" (Tell him what you think on his new forum/message board @

You might sort-of recognize the character in one of his artwork from yeaaaaars back, and even a bronze cast named "Iki" (from 2006)…. well,to my eyes, anyways :p

Bwana also mentions to "expect to see testshots in the next 2-3 weeks", and it's going to be released via Stay tuned for updates here and on IG @bananapoons.

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