Flightless Harold and Bats by Amanda Visell #ΛVΛW #mechanizeddragoon

UPDATED: "Say hi to Harold. Our next resin figure based on Ashley Wood's design. I love Harold. I imagine he lost his ability to fly and had to adapt to tracks. Meet Flightless Harold and Bats. Our resin figure set includes Harold, bat and baby bat. All hand sculpted, cast, and painted. Harold measures 8 x 5.5 x 4.5." (On sale now online here for US $300 per set, only available for 24 hours!)

Here's an advance peek at Amanda Visell's HAROLD #ΛVΛW #mechanizeddragoon, dropping sometime soon! Will update this post when info drops, and as well you'd do well by staying tuned to her Instagram @amandavisell!

I'm truly liking what I see here, and wish one fine day I'd be able to afford such awesomeness … meanwhile, you could check out my earlier featured WIPs for this resin-cast, hand-painted goodness!

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