Introducing "Barse" by Brent Nolasco

WHO-IS: ""Barse" is a grumpy fellow always looking for trouble. He sometimes gets along with "Bun Bun" and "Sonny" who both always try to cheer him up. Food is the best motivation to get him out of his funk, so Bun Bun and Sonny always keep a supply of snacks and goodies. Barse always enjoys their company after a good treat."

Brent Nolasco shares with TOYSREVIL snaps and info for his new "Barse" figure. Sized 7 1/2", it is a two piece resin rotocast figure, featuring an articulated head.
"Each figure will have glass eyes and will be hand painted. The figure will be pulled by Jacob Jams ( / Facebook). The release dates on blanks and colorway will be in the next coming weeks." - added Brent.

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