Pop! Heroes: DC by Funko - Coming In May

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FUNKO PRESS: "Funko is proud to introduce the latest Pop! figures from DC Comics! The newest installment includes powerful heroes like Firestorm, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Cyborg! It'll take the whole team to bring down supervillian Black Manta! Coming in May!"
Actually, tis refreshing seeing the "old school" comicbook designs for these characters, IMHO. I'm still holding out for the Pop!-incarnation of 1980s' "Teen Titans" by Marv Wolfman and artist George PĂ©rez!

Seen below is a snap of Supergirl, as revealed at the recent 2016 New York Toy Fair (alongside Marvel's "Dr Strange", "Spider-Gwen" and "Ms Marvel" / PEEP on IG).

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