Skippy Mini Figure from FUK2 (*Warning: Toy Nudity*)

Lance (@renonelab) shares with TOYSREVIL a headsup about "SKIPPY" - a fella who skips "skin" instead of "rope", using his own .. well, the images speak for themselves, don't it? Dude, just don't trip and step on it tho…! Heh.
"He's a resin mini figure based off a character from #fukseries2 artist Rodger Beck (@rodgerjames). Sculpted by Andrew Scribner (@rufusart), plus (packaging) from me @renonelab."
Skippy is currently on sale here for US$35.00 (plus shipping). The first run on muscle pink (so "apt" heehee) is 15 in this batch but will be limited to an edition of 50.

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