TOYSREVIL's Weekend Toy Shelf

#JOURNAL: Let's start a weekend off with a quick snap and IG-video of the toys accumulating at my display shelf, out in the hall (not in the main HQ's)! The fact is, this display was planned to house and showcase all the figures I had intended to SELL, but meanwhile, it's populated with toys mixed in with my ow collections, and recognizing the fact that I have tons of small scaled toys! Well, more than I exp[ected anyways, not as powerful as other collections, no doubt ... but I enjoy my eclecticism, shown here in full random force, so it's not as if I am trying to "show off" my humble collection, okay? LOL

So, "NO", none of these are for sale at the moment, but I'll let you folks when who will be, in time :)

Meanwhile, enjoy the snap and video!

Cheers and have a toy-ful weekend :)

#toylife #mycollection #notforsale

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