Custom Feature: Frankenstein Munny by Hugh Rose

"It is a 7" Custom Kidrobot Munny, commissioned by one of my long time collectors in Texas. This collector is a huge horror fan, and this is the fifth Munny she has commissioned from me. After creating Munny versions of Captain Spaulding, Billy the Puppet, Pinhead and Leatherface, she asked me which character I would like to try next." - shared UK-based creator Hugh Rose

[ Above: WIPs / Individual images HERE on FB ]

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"I had recently read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and was blown away by the story, so, like my version of Pinhead, I decided to create a version that referenced both the film portrayal and the descriptions of the character in the novel. Next on the list of horror Munnys for this collector are Candyman, the Xenomorph and Freddy Krueger." (Commission Hugh Rose via Facebook / Instagram @hughrose84)

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