Jed Henry's Ukiyo-e Heroes Returns as Prints from The Peoples Print Shop

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Jed Henry's "UKIYO-E HEROES" returns with FOUR new prints currently available to purchase from Do read-up on my earlier features to better acquaint yourselves with his work (that is, if you do not already :p), and scroll down to peep the artwork in full.
PRESS: "The superbly creative illustrations combine the Ancient Japanese art style Ukiyo-e with familiar films, video games and television. Each of the hand signed, deckled edged prints measure 12" x 17" and are printed on acid-free handmade Japanese paper with archival inks." (US$40 each)

"Flight of Fantasy" (inspired by "Final Fantasy")

"Wolf Girl" (inspired by "Princess Mononoke")

"The Dragon's Gift" (inspired by "Dragon Ball Z")

"Descent Into Madness" (inspired by "The Dark Knight")

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