Mezco Unleashes Hellraiser - Pinhead 12-inch Figure

Are you prepared for the rapturous torments that await?

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Mezco Toyz(Facebook / Twitter) unleashes their "Pinhead" 12inch figure, from the "Hellraiser" experience - currently available for pre-orders online at US$44.00 apiece (excluding shipping), with a shipping schedule between Sep-Oct 2016.
ADDITIONAL PRODUCT PRESS: "The figure comes complete with two sets of hands: one set to hold the included Lament Configuration for summoning the Cenobites, and a second set to wield his instruments of transformation. Pinhead features seven points of articulation and is packaged in a specially die-cut collector friendly window box that highlights his grotesque beauty."

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[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

This is an interesting foil to this 12" version from Threezero, not for the difference in amount of articulation, but for a different facial angst!

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