"Moldy Cotton Candy Sherbert Woebegamer Octo-Goner" by psychoscimitar for Kaiju Battlers Show @ Clutter Gallery

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Alex Gavryushenko AKA psychoscimitar shares with us snaps of his custom for Kaiju Battlers @ Clutter Gallery, named; "Moldy Cotton Candy Sherbert Woebegamer Octo-Goner"! (… you had me at "Moldy Cotton Candy", Alex LOL)
"It's a set of mashups between the Night Gamer (and its brain) and Woebegone parts. There are 3 pieces which range between about 3.5"- 5.5" (although the Night Gamer head can be made to sit atop its body), the eyeballs are articulated." - shared Alex.

Check out Plaseebo's custom entry utilizing his Woebegone previously featured HERE, versus psychoscimitar's neon Pop-Twist in this custom … looks like it's gonna be one hell of a "battle"!

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