PINK "Felipe Uhoh" by Juan Muniz debuts at WonderCon 2016

The exclusive release of the PINK "Felipe Uhoh" by Juan Muniz happens at Booth #726 at WonderCon 2016, perfectly in time for Easter! Limited to 200pcs, this edition will only be available at the upcoming conventions until they run out - which also includes SDCC, NYCC, and Designercon!

Nothing quite like a schweet contrast between the pastel-pinkness and the explosive notion of grenade-balloons! And while we've seen different colorways in past releases, this "pink" somehow works best for me :)

As well, Paul Wissmiller sends word that Juan was in a car crash but is ok now, and TOYSREVIL wishes him well! :)

A photo posted by Juan Muniz (@jmunizart) on

(Thanks for the headsup, Paul!)

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