Rockin'Jelly Bean Freaky Monster Village series Mr.DEATH 1st color Version - Pre-orders Begin March 29th

Blackdots announces their latest item in collaboration with Rockin'JellyBean - with the Skull Face Gentleman「Mr.DEATH」! Since featuring the figure (circa #TTF2015), an Unpainted and a "Weirdo Black" editions have been released. This is the FRIST COLOR VERSION to be unwashed!

Sculpted by RESTORE, the 220mm tall vinyl character figure is priced at 10,800Yen (US$95+), with pre-orders starting March 29th @ 11am here online (international orders available), for an end of April 2016 release. As well the item will also be available in store @ EROSTIKA HARAJUKU SHOP & NAGOYA SHOP (e-mail:

(Cheers for the headsup @blackdotsjp)

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