Tim Biskup's Prenute GID Edition on pre-order via Gravy Toys

Birth of Prenute glow vinyl pre-order is currently in effect on, with this Tim Biskup-designed figure priced at US$30 per. Sized slightly shorter than Bwana Spoon's own 7"-tall Jeff, we had a look at the prototype back in February :)

Do take note that this pre-order is open for one week starting Sunday March 27th, with an estimated delivery date being third week in June. "This is an open pre-order. limit two Prenute per household. No cheating please."
IN ADDITION (HEADSUP): "There will be two more new characters up for pre-order over the next few weeks. After you order your Prenute, you will get a discount code for the other upcoming releases which you can apply to save on shipping and/or slight savings for ordering more than one of these new buddies."

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