Tom’s Vintage Toys by Chuck Fry

"… Recently, I directed a mini doc called Tom's Vintage Toys. I think you might like it. It's about a small toy store in the tiny town I live in. I moved here not too long ago. The moment I stepped into this man's store, I knew I had to make a movie about him." - shared Chuck Fry.
I do heart me a splendid toy-shop, especially when the sense of "discovery" is part of the fun! Be it finding a retro-memory, or THAT piece you had been searching for, or even a lil'bargain surprise - would make staying IN a shop even more sweeter (let thy toy-temptations be tempted, indeed! MUAHAHAHAHA) ... and kudos to the lil'lady who picked up a "Starfire" Teen Titans Pop! Vinyl! :)

(Appreciate the headsup, Chuck!)

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