VAG (VINYL ARTIST GACHA) Series 6 by Medicom Toy To Launch March 12th

VAG (VINYL ARTIST GACHA) Series 6 features a total of 4 character designs (in multiple color combos) by Mirock Toy, Cosmo Liquid, PicoPico and 安楽安作. Scheduled for a release in Japan on March 12th by Medicom Toy, do check in with your fav retailers for when it will reach where you are.

Very "friendly" + "mascot-y" line-up this series, innit? I've lost track since Series 4, and have generally lost interest due to lack of funds to indulge as I had before in the earlier releases, alas … here's a look-back at what I've collected so far, or head-on over to my dedicated gacha-blog at #gachaGachaGACHAAA :)

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