Allerdale Edition Series 1 Copper Creeps by DoktorA for #ToyconUK

Besides the recently featured by Doktor A, "The Bride & The Monster" from Series 1 will as well make a return engagement, and also debut at ToyConUK, with this "Allerdale" Edition limited to a run of 10 pairs!

No pricing has been revealed thus far, but stay sharp, people!

Looking yummy (like Ribena! I LOVE RIBENA) and visually apart from his usual painted artwork, along with a translucent quality, that I dare say [rovides a different dimension to Doktor A's work, IMHO.

Stay tuned for further updates on IG @doktor_a (Images via) and check out my previous post for all-customs from Doktor A (it will serve as a repository of all his ToyconUK-bound customs), to also make their way to his booth #35 (by the stage).

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