Javier Jimenez's GHOST BAT & Post-ToyConUK Sale on April 16th

GHOST BAT (ゴーストバット) is "A spirit that lurks the dark alleys of Tokyo, looking for objects to possess. He loves taking control of things that can hurt, like baseball bats, brass knuckles, guns, wooden swords and the likes."

Launched at ToyConUK, the new figure named "Ghost Bat" is a three-dimensional manifestation of Javier Jimenez's "StickUp Monsters" logo!

These resin figures are about 6-7cm tall and come in random vivid colors - each priced at $10 apiece, and will be release for online sales come Saturday April 16th at 11AM EST, alongside STRAY Wananeko (US$55), Outlaw Wananeko (US$80) via!

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