Monsters and Misfits IV @ Shibuya Hikarie & Online

Launched April 1st in Japan, the online preview for Monsters and Misfits IV is currently up on - featuring listings of artwork with prices. Do no expect the artworks to remain available for too long, folks!

Thanks to Tomenosuke, we get to see the Opening Reception (on video), and as well across the www we have images of the exhibits to share! Scroll down for more peeks…

The show launch opened with the visiting artists doing up a mural at the entrance of the exhibition - something we don't see folks from Circus Posterus family do, IMHO-Such a treat for visitors too!

"Monsters and Misfits IV" exhibits thru April 7th in Shibuya Hikarie 8/ COURT.

Monsters & Misfits IV: preparation of the exhibition

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