The Story of An Artist

The story of an artist

The story of an artist

Posted by Art & Fun on Monday, April 4, 2016

"The Story of An Artist" seems pretty relevant today, as so much the POV from a "news"/information-peddler such as the TOYSREVIL-blog, with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat et al, artists/designers AKA content-providers have since chosen to promote themselves thru their own network, and taken on direct PR with the purchaser/customer/end-user, thereby adding on their/your workload, besides the time needed to make your art?

The above video seems "incomplete", or edited out earlier, but the message is clear, I reckon.

The "answer" is not for me to give, but with the tide turning, perhaps it's blogs/www like mine that has to re-adjust, or remain in info-draught all-year-long, maybe?

No worries, gotcha pop-culture+toy-ness covered here on TOYSREVIL :)

Have a splendid weekend, folks!

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