ART TOY CULTURE 2016 @ COEX, Seoul, Korea (May 4-8, 2016)

The 2016 Edition of ART TOY CULTURE (#ATC) launches May 4th and exhibits thru May 8th, 2016, with Korea's first vinyl Art Toy and Culture fair to be held at COEX in Seoul, Korea ( And while TOYSREVIL has a smattering of toy-news thus far for ATC, this particular post will serve as a quick reminder of WHAT and WHO to keep a look out for! Mind you, this is but a small sampling, and I truly hope to one day be able to afford a trip over there!

Stay connected to the event via their Facebook Page and Instagram @arttoyculture, and further details on their official website @!

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Above-left: Coolrain x Seman10cm
Above-right: RONY The Perculair by AJO777
Bottom-left: Plush by BRIDGE SHIP HOUSE

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Above-left: P.P.PUDDING
Above-right: DEVILROBOTS
Bottom-left: @theLOCALAB
Bottom-right: "Monster" by Sticky Monster Lab

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Above-left: "Goldenbaby" Original Ver & 300% Ver by @_golden8oy_
Above-right: @pandora.doll
Bottom-left: StudioViper Inc.
Bottom-right: "KunCat" by SAKUN

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Above-left: "Hooded Sufferings" by rato x vicious
Above-right: Coolrain
Bottom-left+right: 'ZUNBO, the OLD STONE' by studiosakubo @sakubo

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Above-left: "Forever,old school" by @aka_kiddo
Above-right: Cerberus Project
Bottom-left: Rotta @_rotta_
Bottom-right: "Bitch" by Pla-man Hobby

DESCRIPTION: A photographer Rotta’s (@_rotta_ / identity became a figurine which collaborated with StudioViper’s artist Sopp. Rotta’s figure that represents himself, which is composed with various options such as camera equipment and a bag will be exhibiting at the ATC 2016.

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