Fools Paradise @ Thailand Toy Expo 2016

In addition to the Fools Parade STILLNESS exhibition (teased here earlier), Hong Kong's Fools Paradise will be debuting two new collectibles at the coming Thailand Toy Expo @ CentralWorld (May 5-8, 2016), with the above featured Vader x Kiko on a TIE Fighter-awesomeness that which is known as the "Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3", and "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" (seen below)!

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The concept of "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" was given by Boy Pakorn (a famous superstar in Thailand), with the figure then produced by JPX x Fools Paradise. In an edition of 75ps worldwide. 50pcs will be made available at TTE (Price: 8500 baht), while the other 25pcs will be released online via on May 10th, 2016 (US$249 apiece).

The product features a magnetic moustache (replaceable), chrome gold knife and scissors, and a real cloth apron.

"Fools Paradise" is the artist moniker for Alan Ng, formerly of "Boredomsqueezer", a designer toys brand focusing on 12" figures, which I adore still till now!

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