Mighty Jaxx at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 + Art Toy Culture 2016

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MIGHTY JAXX will be present at BOTH Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok, AND Art Toy Culture show in South Korea come May 4th, and they'll no doubt be bringing all kindsa art toy goodness!

Artist Jason Freeny will be in attendance at TTE, signing at booth A17 Green Zone (EDEN1) along with with new releases from XXRAY - which includes the rest of the Justice League, with The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Aquaman! Would be pretty cool if Jason's Micro Schematic Femmina makes an appearance too!

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Keep a look out for the exclusive to TTE "Red Tossakan" (FYI: the Green variant will be for worldwide release). Folks'll also get a 'first look' Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Bathing Duck by Jason Freeny!

Folks at ATC will have a chance to pre-order the XXRAY collaboration with Sticky Monster Lab, and as well check out their RONY THE PERCULIAR figures made in collaboration with AJO777 of Towooz.

Stay connected to Mighty Jaxx via their Instagram and Twitter @mightyjaxx for updates!

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