#Overwatch Colossal Collectibles

With Overwatch scheduled for a release May 24th, larger than life installations have sprouted up around the world, in venues like Los Angeles and California in USA, Paris, France, and Busan, South Korea (Source).

On display at public venues are a larger than life-sized replica of a Overwatch character, depicted as an action figure collectible, and "housed" in a window box-style packaging, standing 15ft tall!

(Above image of "Genji" by Kevin Joyeux)

So you can see the appeal of this game on this particular blog about toys (and pop culture), besides the splendid cinematic animated shorts! I might not play the video game, but these characters look perfect to be made "toy", don't they?

OVERWATCH by Blizzard is currently available online via


(Installation images by OverwatchSEA)

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