PRE-SALE Now On for Brandt Peters' Lord Strange 8” Dunny from Kidrobot

Artist Brandt Peters has revealed his upcoming new production 8" Dunny with Kidrobot, with "Lord Strange" being "the shady eccentric responsible for opening the 13th Dimension that unleashed the creatures of The 13 series!" and it is high time he makes a return to the "Infernal Manor", and take his rightful place as the ringleader of the 13!

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BUT, it'll be some time before he does (somewhen in September 2016) … and Brandt is currently doing a PRE-SALE via, where for a pure pittance of US$75, you'd not only get a character figure (Who comes with removable skull mask, electricity props, and skull cane accessories), you too will receive a 5″ x 7″ marker sketch by the artist and designer, Brandt Peters! AND the Box comes signed by the artist too - What A Bargain!

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