Steampunk'd Stormtrooper Helmet by PsyfoolRulez Customz

Spotted at last weekend's Star Wars Day SG, was this splendid Custom Stormtrooper Helmet of display at PsyfoolRulez-Customz's table, for which I'd love to take a closer look at!

Decked out in glorious steampunk aesthetics - something all too rare in the local scene in the first place - the custom is made from a "Design A Viny Storm" helmet base by Tara Toy Corp, with much details and effort designed thru and executed (featured in details HERE on #starwarsallday), with the result a distinct thrill to discover - at least for me!

Folks'll do well to stay connected to Muhammad Shahiful Mahmood via his Instagram @psyfoolrulez_customz and Facebook Artist Page!

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