#CSCToyScore June 26, 2016

I have been wanting to go to China Square Central for a while now, specifically to take picture(s) of a stall/table that sold miniature items at the sunday flea market - thinking my students could use as "props" for their model submissions - and found the opportunity to do so today .... so guess which stall did not open today? :p

Nevertheless, I did what I told myself NOT to - and perused the toyshops, and found myself coming back home, with THESE…

My first #Sunguts vinyl! GID too haha - thanks CSC! #toylife #toyscore

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[ MORE images of Baby Rangeon n #gachaGachaGACHAAA ]

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Cheers, and hope you'll have a splendid and toy-ful weekend too, folks!

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