"Zilla" edition Tug O' War by Obsessed Panda x Zectron Drops June 20th

Going on sale Monday June 20th at 9am PST on, is the "Zilla" Edition of Zectron's Tug O' War vinyl mini figure, hand-painted by Obsessed Panda, with this micro run at 4pcs x US$55 each!
"Obsessed Panda aimed his skilled brush at a micro run of Zectron's Tug O' War vinyl mini figure and created the "Zilla" edition. Inspired by his love for Godzilla each of the 4 figures in this run was painted with a combination of deep metallic, opaque and see-through green hues. Then finely detailed gold and white touches were added and the entire run was finished with a high gloss clear coat for that fresh from the ocean wet shine look."

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