June 5th Sunday #CSCScore

I cannot remember when was the last time I ventured forth to thy Sunday toy-haunt at China Square Central AKA "CSC" (since January?) and it has indeed been quite a while … but I needed the "inspiration" for my coming final class next week before the start of holidays) - which in this particular instance I needed to be around TOYS!

So I got on my Pete Fowler-designed tee (made by Clutter and generous gifted by Benny at Tenacious Toys from the U.S. of A.), and stepped out into the merciless heat of the Sunday afternoon! *sizzle*

Amidst my sweat-drenched eye-patch, sore feets, and a cheerful spirit in my heart, I humbly present to you, dear readers, my haul … :)

#ReAction #Predator uncarded and loose for half the shelf price snagged at CSC = I can deal :) #toylife

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