Lil' Jammie Heroes & Commisions Available Now from FullerDesigns

Fuller Designs shares with us snaps of a newer version of his "Lil' Jammies" platform figures, currently available for sale via - featuring characters Spawn, Batman, Spiderman, Venom and Deadpool in this 'first round' - with prices ranging between US$75 - US$85 per one-off x 4" tall figures!
"Give them some swagger I guess... so I came up with the Lil' Jammie Heroes. Posed in a classic crime fighter pose, I feel it gives plenty of opportunity for many heroes and villains alike." - shared James Fuller.

FYI: Both Spawn and Deadpool are listed as SOLD OUT a time of this post!

There is also an opportunity to COMMISSION your own "Lil' Jammie Heroes", with TEN spots open, each priced at US$75 (Read the details and go wild!).

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