Noferin's "Return to Carrara" @ Rotofugi Side Gallery Opens June 10th

Opening June 10th @ Rotofugi Gallery, is the art show titled "Return to Carrara", which will feature art and sculpts from Candy and Nick, known to folks as Noferin! And they "return" to the fold along with their daughter Poppy, who is featured on tons of their paintings too!
"One of the greatest things about preparing our upcoming @rotofugi show is working creatively together again. Whilst Candy has been busy painting, Nick has been busy sculpting new Pecanpals out of wood. It is a completely new design from our first Pecanpals back in 2007. This is Pandacake in Molasses."

Stay connected via their Instagram @noferin_art (images judiciously featured here) where they give further in-depth commentary about their artwork!

And if the name "Carrara" sounds familiar, tis because "Pecanpals" live on "Carrara Island", in the world of Noferin, where Candy and Nick are the "storytellers" (Read my interview with them circa 2007 with the first introduction of Pecanpals!).

"Return to Carrara" - New Works by Noferin exhibits thru July 3, 2016.

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