threeA Toys' 8th Anniversary N.O.M. Commanders Ltd Set on Sale June 25th

ThreeA Toys celebrate their 8th Anniversary with offering a box set of the NOM Commanders = a "remix" of the original release - on sale June 25th via, for a "limited time sale" (somewhen) - priced at US$280 (Includes Worldwide Shipping).

If you do not know by now, the headsculpts for THRICE NAUGHT and POST FIRE are meant to resemble 3A's principals Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood! ALWAYS awesome to have your likeness on a toy, IMHO :)

Source: 3A Newletter

I remember being one of the "75" peeps in the 3AA back when the NOM set was released circa 2009, and being pretty proud to have scored a set! ... although I don't think I've even opened the box yet LOL … aaahhh yes, those were the "good old days"…

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