ARCANE DIVINATION Reveals on Friday July 22nd

Previously announced, the low-key news is about to hit hyper-drive come Friday July 22nd at 1pm PST when each of the sites listed above reveal different artists participating in this series, as curated by J*RYU!

For the artist TOYSREVIL is revealing, he is primarily known for his intense illustrations, but this would not be the first time he has released any three-dimensional collectibles (but this might be his first with Kidrobot!), having only jut recently released a brand new piece with a hot new toy-brand! And I am honored to own a couple of his earlier collectible releases too!

I am a huge fan of his work, and am chuffed to be able to reveal his involvement with the ARCANE DIVINATION project - Stay tuned to TOYSREVIL to find out who the artist is!

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