MaxToyCo's Gacha Maxx Series 1 Available Now!

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Available for purchase here on are Series 1 of GACHA MAXX gachapon kaiju monsters! Featuring a total of 10 x characters to collect (Who's Who!) - each random pull is priced at US$12.00. This was what Mark Nagata had to say about the gachas;
"…the first Gacha-Maxx series 1 has landed. Bare with me .. so in Japan, these are being sold only in Gacha machines (OneUp store, Dai Kaiju Salon Bar and at toy events via Max Toys). Obviously I can't have each of you visit me and use my Gacha machine to get yours ;-P But, to be fair to those in Japan, I'm going to randomly sell these. I'll try my best (if you buy multiples) to not repeat designs, however, just know that they come in Gacha balls and you will get what you get (sorry no returns etc). Sorry NO SALES TO JAPAN club members, sorry ! "

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