Super7 Original Vinyls for San Diego Comic-Con 2016


With the reveals of the licensed goodies from Super7 so far - including Masters of the Universe and Alien, next comes the reveal of original vinyls to be unleashed at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24)!

The dazzling line-up includes WING KONG GLOWING GORILLA (US$95 each), the Blue Debut of BAT BOY (US$50), ALIEN QUEEN MOLTEN MAGMA (US$65 each), and "Green Dragon" Edition CAB DRAGON (US$50) - with skater Steve Caballero himself will be signing his Green Dragon SDCC exclusive on Friday - July 22nd between 11:00am to Noon!

Make sure to make your way down to Booth #4945 to score your goodies, and don't forget to pick up your Power Token, if you (or your friend) intends to visit Skeletor's Lair too! Share the toy-love, folks!

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