Super7 Presents #TheWorst at #SDCC2016!

Super7 reveals a whole new line of blister-carded 3.75" tall action figures - NOT "ReAction" figures - but seemingly an entire brand new series of characters, that looks to be mash-up of classic monsters and original concepts! Am wondering who created these guys … or am I to assume Brian Flynn did? SCHWEET!

All figures are priced at US$15 per, and I cannot wait to know MORE about them!
SUPER7 PRESS: "There are good guys.. There are bad guys.. and then there are The Worst. Meet Batula, Black Falcon, Gas Phantom, Robot Reaper, Snake Tut, and X-2 (The Unknown) at San Diego Comic-Con! They will be available for the first time as unpainted white debut samples (featuring amazing cardback art by Ed Repka) at Booth #4945 while supplies last!" (Super7)

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