THE WALKING PAINT from Emilio Subirá

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Releasing July 26th @ are THE WALKING PAINT by Emilio Subirá, with each of these (14.5 to 16.5cm tall) pre-painted poliurethane and epoxi resin toy sculptures priced at US$75 apiece.

A total of 6 x colors to choose from, each numbered and signed by the artist. More images HERE on Facebook.

"They are a group of strange characters, hybrids, between paint tubes and human. Everyone a color, everyone squeezed, everyone of them twisted and dislocated. They seem to be some kind of a color-zombies for a big social painting. (wtf?)

The cool thing is that every one of them is one of a kind, not only because of the color way but for the shape of the paint paste that flows out them which is unique in each one."
(IG @emilio_subira)

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