Dairobo-Z Dunnys by Dolly Oblong x Kidrobot Released!

Dolly Oblong’s DAIROBO-Z Dunny has been unleashed by Kidrobot! Priced at US$34.99, the Purple GID is exclusive to and limited to 250pcs. This is the second 5-inch tall Dunny released by KR (after Sekure-D’s Codename Unknown). Damn but I want that GID version … in fact, I WANT BOTH! MUAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

KIDROBOT PRESS: "Dairobo-Z by Dolly Oblong is the second Dunny from the 5” Dunny Series. Kidrobot recreated the Dairobo-Z. Dunny based on Dolly Oblong’s original custom Dunny creation displayed at the 2015 Designer Toy Award Dunny Show. This futuristic Dunny features a jet pack and a right arm blast! Grow your 5” Dunny Series collection with Dairobo-Z!

Dolly Oblong is a creative character design group, specialized in handmade quirky characters that are magically transformed into plush, paper and vinyl toys. These characters have been exhibited in shows around the globe and have been featured in a number of publications."

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