Kidrobot’s #NYCC2016 Exclusives Revealed, with preorders beginning Aug 22nd

Kidrobot has revealed 3 of 4 New York Comic Con exclusives that will be available for pre-order on starting Monday, August 22nd @ 10AM MST, and they feature Dunnys by Scott Tolleson, Brandt Peters, and a Simpsons mini figure.
"A limited amount of each exclusive will be available to pre-order at a special pre-order price for New York Comic Con pick-up only. Quantities of each exclusive will be reserved for purchase at New York Comic Con." (Read more here)

Above: “Howie Phillips Blue Metallic” 3″ Dunny from The Odd Ones by Scott Tolleson. Limited Edition 1000 pieces and priced at US$15 apiece, this is the NYCC color variant to the series’ Dunny!

Above: Brandt Peters’s “Lord Strange White Colorway” is an 8-inch tall Dunny limited to only 100pcs each priced at US$75. First time seeing the “product”, as opposed to previously featured turnaround drawings too :)

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This “Glow In The Dark Radioactive Man” from Kidrobot’s “The Simpsons” series stands 3-inches tall and is limited to 1000pcs, each priced at US$15.00. My memories of “Radioactive Man” are of the Topps comicbook and trading cards I still have somewhere in my man-hoard collections :)

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