#SuicideSquad Premieres August 4th In Singapore, And I Cannot Wait!

SUICIDE SQUAD premieres in Singapore tomorrow Thursday August 4th, and I aim to be in the cinema for the 11am or 1pm show (anyone wants to join me? No cosplaying required muahahahaha) and I literally am uber-jazzed about it! And in lieu of posting another video promo (although I will still continue on my hobby blogs #popcornX and #DCEUFilms :p), I will instead share this two hilarious animated GIFS with you folks reading TOYSREVIL …

The above features Margot Robbie as “Harley Quinn” with her mouth reading "為什麼沒有WIFI?” (If you read/understand Mandarin, this works, actually! LOL) - which translates to "Why Is There No WIFI?” … while The Joker takes a peek inside the suitcase, and sees … Bat-Butt?


These’ll keep well til tomorrow, methinks! #pleasedontsuck

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