The Sucklord on

Meet The Sucklord: The New York City artist who makes bootleg action figures, in this short docu (Directed by Joey Garfield), where he talks his craft, in-between sanding-and-sanding-and-sanding his resin figures!

You think the figures appear smooth miraculously out of the pot? I'd imagine tons of sanding goes into them, before they reach your toy-collector hands, yeh?

He is one of my toy-heroes in this "scene" ... the eternal hustler, and what we call in local parlance; "never say die". Would Singapore ever dare invite him to STGCC? We need to have him HERE. The "Revered Sleestak" he will be!

I want to shake his hand and take a picture with him, if it’s the last thing I wanna do in eleven years of bloggery, no B.S.!


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